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National Research Center (NRC), Physics Building, 2nd floor, room 216, El-Tahrir (El-Buhouth) st.33, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt, PIZ: 12622.



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    Your ESCA membership helps to share our scientific passions and accomplishments through different approaches, including the annual conference, publications, and educational outreach. 

    It is with our history and achievements that the ESCA hopes to inspire future generations of explorers, scientists, and crystallographers. As a student, let the ESCA inspire you and motivate you to dive into physics, maths, and chemistry. As a grad or undergrad let the ESCA help you start and establish your professional network. Retired members help remember our history and encourage future crystallographers.

    The members of the ESCA distinguish themselves through their commitment to Crystallography and contribute to the association through their voluntary activities. Join the ESCA, enjoy the benefits of the large network of Physicists and Physics Enthusiasts and become active!