Egyptian Society of Crystallography and its Applications

About ESCA

The Egyptian Society of Crystallography and its Applications was founded by group of crystallographers in 1995. The first president was Saleh Ahmed and the first pioneers were Karimat El-Sayed, Seham Abdel Hady, Naema Abdel Kader, Ibrahim Farag, Salah Arafa, Yehyia Abbass, Mostafa Radwan and Ahmad Ramadan. ESCA is a nonprofit organization, which brings together scientists from different scientific disciplines (Physics, Materials, Chemistry, Geology, Pharmacy, Soil Science, Dentistry, Biology, Archeology….etc) in order to apply the crystallographic techniques in the development of their researches for more technological importance in different industries (Cement, Ceramics, Glasses, Insulators, electric cables, petroleum, drugs, alloys …..etc). The activities of ESCA cover the interdisciplinary approach and the wide scope of its subject area within the different disciplines.

ESCA encourages and promotes communication and technical information exchange through organizing Conferences, Schools and Workshops as well as One Day Seminars on national and international level. ESCA works closely with other organizations concerned with Crystallography in Egypt such as National Committee of Crystallography (Academy of Scientific Research and Technology) and around the world such as International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and European Crystallographic association (ECA).